Our School Story

We are Woodward Wildcats.

Woodward is a small school defined by its’ strong sense of community. We have a high level of commitment and involvement from all of our stakeholders (students, staff, parents) given the small size of our school. Woodward is a very caring and supportive school community. Woodward staff is very dedicated and hard-working, providing many extra-curricular activities to our students as well as rich educational opportunities in the classroom. Woodward staff is student centered and caring, and works very hard to meet the needs of all learners, clearly evidenced in their teaching and interaction with our students. Students take advantage of the many opportunities offered, with high participation rates for all activities. Our Earth Club is a strong influence within our school, as we work toward completing our Outdoor Learning Classroom. We also have a very strong athletic legacy which is a source of pride within our community, particularly in our basketball program. Our students are known for their eagerness to support our school community by offering assistance in both formal “monitor” positions, as well as informally offering assistance in numerous settings. When engaged in a school-wide activity on what it means to be a Woodward Wildcat, the most common student responses were: caring; welcoming; kind; respectful; close/strong community; spirit; and helpful.

Staff, community members and visitors to Woodward frequently comment on the polite and helpful nature of our students. The parent community at Woodward is also very active and supportive.  Our PAC sponsored events such as our Annual Spring Fair, as well as our Hot Food Day program and other fundraising initiatives that benefit our school.

Our mission statement states, “Daniel Woodward Elementary School is a safe, enjoyable environment for learning through work and play with others.  Teachers and parents support all students as they become lifelong learners who take risks and show pride in all endeavours. As a community of learners, we care for ourselves, others and our surroundings.”

At Woodward, we follow our social responsibility matrix of ROAR (Respectful; Open-Minded; Accountable; Responsible)