Our focus for 2019-2020 is shifting from inquiry-based learning towards something new and directly connected to our current passions, wonderings, and needs. By changing our focus, our staff will re-scan the strengths and needs of our learners to find a new direction for our school story. This year, we have undertaken many new areas of growth in our school. In some divisions, our staff and students are participating in the Student Reporting Policy Pilot (SRPP) and the use of digital portfolios for assessment and reporting. Other classes are using reading assessments to support leveled literacy intervention. And in some areas, our teachers, staff, and students are exploring the creation of self-regulation spaces and flexible learning environments.  Another common thread through the school is the inclusion of social-emotional learning strategies and tools to help our students self-regulate.

While we will continue to integrate inquiry into our learning and develop our inquiry mindsets at Woodward, we are excited by the potential of new experiences and opportunities to support learning at our school.