PAC Roles and Responsbilities





Who and What is the PAC (Parent Advisory Committee)?

Each Parent/Guardian of a child attending Daniel Woodward Elementary School automatically becomes a PAC Member.


So what’s the difference between PAC Member and PAC Executive?

PAC Executives are those parents who have chosen (voted in at the AGM) to hold an official position within the PAC.  These executive positions are volunteer positions with no compensation provided by the school.

PAC Members are parents/guardian who can help the PAC throughout the year in fundraising or other initiatives as requested by the PAC Executives, or simply just to attend the PAC meetings to find out what’s happening.



The key to attending is that you as a parent/guardian will be kept informed of what’s happening in the school that your child is attending and gives our children a sense that their parents care about their education



In the PAC meeting we also take votes in decisions where PAC member’s votes are critical especially when it comes to allocating on how to spend the funds provided by the government and via our fundraising.



Every month, typically the 3rd Monday of the month @ 6:30pm in the library the PAC Executives, PAC Members and the School Principal Mr. Plumb, and at times some teachers or special guests may also attend, if they have information that they wish to share.   Monthly meetings generally start in Sept and end in May (8-10 meetings during the school year).


It’s a great hour and half meeting once a month and a great opportunity to put forth any ideas for the future of Woodward Elementary (you will not be assigned to any tasks without your willing to do so).


The PAC meeting is a place to gather information and to discuss what is going on in the school.  Other topics in discussion could be: updates on school closures, a new fundraiser initiative, how to spend the PAC monies given and collected via fundraising, and any concerns or issues that may have been raised by the parents via the PAC Executives.



Up to 2 Gr. 6/7 students will be asked to babysit the children during the meeting.


The PAC Executive positions are as follows:


PAC Chair - This person Chairs each meeting, reviews the agenda and ensures the discussions are on topic.

Vice Chair - This is the secondary contact should the PAC Chair not be available.

Secretary - This person records all the minutes from each PAC meeting.  This can be viewed on the school website under “Parents”

Treasurer - The government gives each school PAC monies to spend on the needs of the students in ways such as improving equipment in the classrooms, adding smart boards, more books for the library, more gym equipment. The PAC also does fundraising to help with other school needs.  The Treasurer role is to ensure that all the monies are accounted for (available upon request).

DPAC -  Topics relating to children’s health and well-being and parenting are organized for the community to attend.  One PAC Member (parent/guardian) is chosen/voted to attend meetings on behalf of Woodward Elementary and the information reported back at PAC meetings.  Please contact your PAC Executive if interested.  View further information on RDPA at




Fundraiser Coordinator - This person coordinates all the fundraising activities that the PAC has agreed upon within the PAC meetings (from the hot lunch program every month to the annual Spring Fair).  Attendance at meetings is not mandatory but is crucial to ensure communication is delivered accurately to parents, teachers and admin staff.

Social Events Coordinator (if required)- This person coordinates a few social events throughout the year and will work with the Fundraising Coordinator.  This may include the Halloween event, Breakfast with Santa, and Teacher’s Appreciation Brunch.

School Planning Committee (SPC) – These are 2 parents one of which has to be PAC Executive/PAC members. The SPC is not part of the PAC Executive... it is a school based initiative that requires parent volunteers to be a part of the committee.  Together with the principal, school union representative & selected teacher, the school consultation committee work to develop, monitor and review school plans for student achievement and submit the plan to the School Board. The team would be required to attend meetings with the principal & teacher as well as attend Information sessions provided by the School Board and an information forum with the School Board Trustees and other School Planning Council members from other Richmond Schools. The PAC Executive within the team would report any information at the monthly PAC meetings.