PAC Meeting Minutes Apr 10, 2017

Woodward PAC Meeting Minutes:

Date: Apr 10, 2017 Called to order at 6:32pm

In Attendance:

Scott Plumb, Lorna Ko, Farah Dhaliwal, Sundeep Saran, Gina Mahil, Melody Lam, Kathleen Wong, Bonnie Tan

Principal’s Report:

Mar 1, Girls Basketball team came in second.  Great work, girls!
Mar 2, Boys Basketball team came in first. Go team!
Mar 5, Popsicle Bridge Competition.
Mar 10, Gym Riot. Students had a blast at the event. 
Apr 5, Author visit by Dan Bar-El.  Visit was enjoyed by all.
Speed Control Rock Anthem Workshop. Unable to book at this time
Mr Sandhu will be starting his full practicum in Mr Lim’s class until mid-May.
6 divisions are currently projected for 2017-18 school year.
May 25, Welcome to Kindergarten
Projected $10million deficit in School Budget.  Unsure how this will affect Woodward.

PAC Chair Report:

Working on putting together a pamphlet/notice with information about PAC, what we fundraise for, what we have contributed to the school, fundraising events and approximate dates of PAC events.  Pamphlet/notice to be distributed at Welcome to Kindergarten and student population.
Richmond Stands United had asked if PAC would purchase buttons supporting Richmond schools for the upcoming election. Issue was raised by Richmond School Board that money raised by PACs should be used towards school/student activities and not political or non-school issues.  Woodward had declined original request.
Classroom Parents:  Topic of having a designated parent from each classroom that would be a liaison between PAC, classroom parents and students.


Treasurer’s Report:

Feb 2017:  Field trip subsidy and Annual Student Leadership Program paid

Mar 2017: Author visit, Dan Bar-El, paid.




Old Business:

Sports Banner : Motion made by Lorna for up to $600 to be spent on 7 banners congratulating boys championship first place wins for 2014,2015,2016,2017 and girls championship first place wins for 2013,2014,2016. Seconded by Kathleen.  All approved.
Family Photos on Thurs, Apr 6, 2017 from 5-9pm.  9 families registered but 2 families did not show.  Mountain West changed policy so that a purchase (no minimum at this time) had to be made to receive free 8x10 photo.  Possible reason for decline in participation.  Will reassess whether to continue with photo night next year.
Spring Fair:  Will continue with same format as previous years.  Parent volunteers needed on Thurs Apr 27 for set-up from 6-7pm and Fri Apr 28 for running of primary and intermediate game and clean up.

New Business:

Meeting adjourned 8:31pm.

Next meeting: Monday May 29, 2017 for AGM (Annual General Meeting). Please come and vote for next school year’s executive PAC members.