PAC Meeting Minutes Feb 27, 2017

Woodward PAC Meeting Minutes:

Date: February 27, 2017 Called to order at 6:38pm

In Attendance:

Scott Plumb, Lorna Ko, Farah Dhaliwal, Sundeep Saran, Gina Mahil, Melody Lam

Principal’s Report:

Feb 9, Kaiya Manson, Katie Nevins, Tara Marshall and Lily Elliot attended Legacy Art Project headed by artist at Richmond High School for Canada’s 150th birthday art display.  Students work will be on display at Richmond School Board.
Feb 14, entire school attended Childrens Art Festival.  Event was enjoyed by all.
Feb 22, Pink Shirt Day/ROAR assembly hosted by Mr. Ray/Student Council.  Mr Hamaura presented a fabulous video on ROAR behaviour.
Feb 23, Grades 5/6/7 went cross country skiing and tubing at Cypress
Mar 1, Girls Basketball team playing against Hamilton, Lee, Kidd and Kingswood Schools from 1-6pm
Mar 2, Boys Basketball team playing against Hamilton, Lee, Kidd and Kingswood Schools from 1-6pm
Mar 5, Popsicle Bridge Competition
Mar 10, Gym Riot with students assembling into family teams.  Report cards to go home. Last day of classes before spring break.
Sep 2017 FESL (Framework for Enhancing Student Learning) questions asked of staff and students is ‘What does it mean to be a Woodward Wildcat/student?”  Possible focus on Environmental Sustainability or Community.
Looking into possible 1 day Speed Control Rock Anthem Workshop. ‘The day starts with a full performance of Speed Control’s From Rags to Rock for the whole school. For the rest of the day, the group will work with up to 60 students writing, rehearsing, and recording a rock anthem specifically for your school that will be performed and taught to everyone at the end of the day.’  Cost approx. $1700 to be shared by school and PAC.

PAC Chair Report:

Nothing to report.

Treasurer’s Report:

No new items to report



Old Business:

Sports Banner Update:  Kathleen to update at next meeting.
Family Photos to take place Thurs, Apr 6, 2017 from 5-9pm.  Cost of sitting $15.  Minimum 10 families needed.
Spring Fair: 

Raffle donation deadline Apr 14. 
Companies interested in being present are Hydro, Brain Freeze, Pedalheads, Richmond Martial Arts.  Consideration being given to companies that have donated prizes. 
Brain Freeze under sister company, Big As Your Head Candy Flossery, has proposed setting up a table (need 8ft table by power source) producing and selling candy floss and splitting net profits with PAC.
Considering renting games for spring fair vs current set up.  Spring Fair Committee meeting Mon Mar 6 for more indepth planning.

New Business:

Meeting adjourned 8:05pm.

Next meeting: Monday April 10, 2017