PAC Meeting Minutes Jan 30, 2017

Woodward PAC Meeting Minutes:

Date: January 30, 2017 Called to order at 6:35pm

In Attendance:

Scott Plumb, Lorna Ko, Farah Dhaliwal, Bonnie Tan, Gina Mahil, Melody Lam, Kathleen Wong

Approval of last meetings minutes:

Principal’s Report:

Clothing drive for the Outdoor Classroom raised $504.  Scott trying to meet with district works yard to start building Phase 1 of Outdoor Classroom plans.
Basketball teams have been undefeated.  Next games at McNair: girls playing Mar 1 and boys playing Mar 2.
Pink Shirt Day will be Feb 22 with a joint ROAR and Student Council assembly.
Due to government restoring staffing levels, Woodward will gain 0.2FTE (1 extra day/week) which will be filled by Mrs Sato on Mondays for Resource Support.
School Cash Online program by Kev Financial Group will be implemented to allow payment online for specific school fees such as student supplies, field trips and hot lunches.  Information packages will be handed out to parents. Cheques and cash will still be accepted.
Mr Ray has requested funds for the Student Leadership Fund (Student Council).  Motion made for $500/yr by Lorna. 2nd by Gina.  All approved.

PAC Chair Report:

4 students chosen  to participate on Legacy Art Project headed by artist Ann Thorsensen for Canada’s 150th birthday art display.  Student chosen are: Kaiya Manson, Katie Nevins, Tara Marshall and Lily Elliot.


Treasurer’s Report:

PAC field trip money to be paid in entirety to school at the end of September of each new school year to allow student movement to settle down before final student count done for tally. Any unused funds will be reimbursed by the school to the PAC at the beginning of September of the following school year to allow for late receipts that arrive during the summer months.

Teacher allotment receipts will now be given directly to the PAC for reimbursement. 

$1462.73 held by the PAC for the Outdoor Classroom paid out to the school to be held in the Sustainability Grant Account for use

Old Business:

Shake Dem Bones made a profit of $434.90. Funds to be incorporated into PAC general account.

Christmas events (teachers brunch, pancake breakfast, raffle baskets) went well.  New parents are encouraged to participate.

New Business:

Motion made to donate $200 to McNair Dry Grad by Gina. 2nd by Bonnie.  All approved
Kathleen looking into pricing for Sports banner to be displayed in the gym to commemorate the success of our Boys/Girls Basketball teams.
Family Photo Night to take place Thursday April 6
Spring Fair on Apr 28.  PAC looking into new games, having external company host , possibility of photo booth.  PAC looking into donations for spring fair.  Any parents who can help with donations or would like to help with spring fair preparations, please contact the PAC.  Donations must be received by Mar 10th.  Raffle tickets to be distributed to students on Apr 4th.
Food Donations bags which could be printed with the school logo were presented. Minimum order 250 bags at approximately $1/bag.  Was deemed a direct donation to the Food Bank was a better option.


Meeting adjourned 8:25pm.

Next meeting: Monday February 27, 2017