PAC Meeting Minutes May 29, 2017

Woodward PAC Meeting Minutes:

Date: May 29, 2017 Called to order at 6:35pm

In Attendance:

Scott Plumb, Lorna Ko,

Farah Dhaliwal, Gina Mahil, Melody Lam, Bonnie Tan,

Eric Dennis,

Lori Takenaka, Peter Chu,

Terry Tan,

Raj Saran,

Lily Yan,

Marjorie Chu,

Guest Speaker: School Trustee Ken Hamaguchi ( or 604 723-7245)

1. No school closures foreseen. Topic may be revisited after the next trustee election in 2019.

2. Presently, $10.5 mil deficit. Budget was balance by cutting from teaching staff not from non-enrolling teaching staff which include resource teachers and librarians. Due to Supreme Court ruling, government to restore classrooms to 2002 levels which will result in teaching staff being funded $11.7mil . End result: no cuts to teaching staff.

3. If current enrollment continues to decline in future years, cuts will be made to janitorial and administrative but not teaching staff.

4. Richmond is seen as a top performing district in education.

5. Projecting that in 2yrs there will be an increase in student enrollment.

PAC AGM Results

By default since only one nominee per position, please welcome the 2017-18 PAC executives:

Chair – Eric Dennis

Co-Chair – Gina Mahil

Treasurer – Bonnie Tan

Secretary – jointly by Lorna Ko & Melody Lam

Principal’s Report:

1. May 4, Track Meet at Minoru. Great Weather.

2. May 26, Track Ribbon Assembly. Lots of ribbons won by our students. Great job to individual and team participants!

3. May 18, Talent Show. Huge display of talent by our students. Thank you to Mrs. Leung for coordinating.

4. Jun 1, Div 4 Open House. Ms Fenn’s class has been working with ink and water to make individual personal picture stories. Also Div 1 & 2 band concert.

5. Jun 9, Sports Day. Theme TBA. Early dismissal. Will finish approximately 1:30pm. Volunteers needed for serving sports day lunch from 11-12:30pm.

6. Jun 27, Gr 7 Farewell Assembly at 10am and evening dinner grad

7. Jun 29, Farewell Assembly and last day of school. Report Cards sent home.

8. 6 divisions are currently projected for 2017-18 school year. Currently 125 students enrolled.

9. Mrs. Decaire will be leaving. Unknown who will be replacing her at this time.

10. Mr Plumb will be off from Jun 6 – 13. Mr Ray to cover.

PAC Chair Report:

Recap of PAC subsidized events/items:

a. Student agendas

b. Author visit (Dan Bar-El)

c. $25/student Field trip subsidy

d. $150 for Winter Musical Costumes/Props

e. $1500 for Division allotments for extraneous classroom expenditures

f. $200 to support McNair Dry Grad

g. $250 McNair Scholarship to previous Woodward student

h. $500 to outdoor education (Camp)

i. $500 for student council events which includes PnE

j. Gr 7 Grad Decorations and Dinner subsidy

Recap of PAC sponsored Events:

a. Halloween Shake Dem Bones

b. Santa Breakfast

c. Christmas Basket Raffle

d. Teacher Appreciation Brunch

e. Family Photo Night

f. Spring Fair

g. Hot Food Days

Classroom Parents: Topic of having a designated parent from each classroom that would be a liaison between PAC, classroom parents and students. . Classroom parents would be able to quickly notify and rally support from parents of upcoming events. None of the above events that help enhance the students experience at Woodward could happen without parent volunteers.

Treasurer’s Report:

May 2017: Receipts still outstanding for McNair Scholarship, Gr.7 Dinner Subsidy and Sports Banners.

Old Business:

1. Spring Fair had a lack of McNair volunteers show up. Seems a communication error happened at McNair and students were not informed of volunteer opportunity. Will follow up for 2018 spring fair.

New Business:

2. Sports Day Ribbons: Motion made to pay up to $250 by Gina. 2nd Bonnie. All approved.

3. Ms. Mayo retirement. PAC to give farewell gift. TBA

4. Portable Canopy: More research needed on pricing and suitablity for the school. To be reviewed in Sept.

5. The White Hatter Speaker (Gr4-7) for Oct/Nov 2017: Will consist of 3 presentations: 90 min for Gr4-5; 2hr for Gr6-7; and parent evening presentation. Cost: $2195 + GST. Motion made to book presentation subject to teachers’ approval made by Eric. 2nd Bonnie. All appoved.

Open Floor

Saleema Noon presentation: Will review at Sept PAC meeting.

Meeting adjourned: 8:40pm

Next meeting: Monday Sept 18, 2017 6:30pm