PAC Meeting Minutes Oct 23, 2017

Woodward PAC Meeting Minutes:

Date: October 23, 2017 Called to order at 6:32pm

In Attendance:

Scott Plumb, Lorna Ko, Farah Dhaliwal, Gina Mahil, Melody Lam, Bonnie Tan, Eric Dennis, Kathleen Wong, Adam McDonald, Sundeep Saran, Pooja Kalsi


Trustee Ken Hamaguchi -  liaison between school and school board

Schools currently have a staffing shortage.  Remedies being implemented which include principals and resource teachers stepping in to fill the void as hiring continues.

Positions not filled this year will still be filled next year.  

If Richmond School District is in a deficit next year, funding cuts will come from CUPE contract (Administrative/Secretarial Pool etc)

Question was raised about money saved from teachers positions that are not filled this year: Ken thinks that the government will only provide money for actual teachers hired but will confirm answer at later date.

Principal’s Report:

1. Student Teachers, Mr Madrigal in Mr Lim and Mr Byun in Mr Pooni classrooms.

2. Co-ed Volleyball season started today.  Tournament on Nov 15.

3. FSA for Gr 4 & 7 in October and early November

4. Oct 16-19, Outdoor Ed-Grades 6/7 at Camp Jubilee.  Mr. Pooni, Mrs. Leung and Ms. Fenn attended.

5. Pink Shirts for Anti-Bullying.  Student Council along with Mr Imagawa and Mr Hamaura have a mock up ready to be sent to printers.  Cost per shirt: $8.71 child/$9.34 adult.  Will be selling for $5.  School to subsidize.

PAC Chair Report:

1. 16’ Inflatable Movie Screen arrived.  Although screen was advertised as 16ft, usable screen space is only 12ft.  Will be used at Halloween Boovie Night.

2. Dec 4/17 2:45pm-3:15pm:  PAC will have an information meeting afterschool in library to give a condensed review of the Nov 27 PAC meeting

Treasurer’s Report:

1. 2017-2018 BC Gaming Grant in the amount of $2740 received from Gaming Branch.

2. Agendas ($619.36) and sun canopy (223.99) paid for.


Old Business: 

1. Mrs Fenn: 3 new garden beds/$300 each=$900

Coniferous garden: $1400

Natural play zone: $500   Total request of $2800.  

PAC to wait on proceeds from Earth Club clothing drive before approving specific amount.

2. Halloween Event:  Emoji Movie.  M&M catering.  In the future, M&M requires minimum 200 orders.

New Business:

1. Nov 2, The White Hatter Speaker: Will consist of 3 presentations: 1-2:30pm for Gr4-5; 10am-12noon for Gr6-7; and 6:30-8:30pm parent evening presentation. All welcome to parent presentation. Scott to open presentation to Kidd and Kingswood parents.  Cost: $2195 + GST.  

2. Fundraising:  Spring Fair

Previous years have had a lack of volunteers and talks are continuing about whether to skip spring fair this year or scale back or change to movie night.

Pros:  Less volunteers needed

Cons: Lose prize contacts by skipping year

  Less PAC money available for future years

Open Floor

Apr 15-21/18  National Volunteer Week:  proposal for stickers or pins to be handed out to students/parents.

Meeting adjourned: 8:03pm

Next meeting: Monday Nov 27, 2017  6:30pm