PAC Meeting MInutes Nov 27, 2017

Woodward PAC Meeting Minutes:

Date: November 27, 2017 Called to order at 6:38pm

In Attendance:

Scott Plumb, Lorna Ko, Farah Dhaliwal, Gina Mahil, Melody Lam, Bonnie Tan, Eric Dennis, Kathleen Wong, Adam McDonald, Pooja Kalsi

Principal’s Report:

1. Grampa Jones passed away Wed Nov 22.  Funeral to be held at St Albans Church on this Sat Dec 2.

2. Richmond Educational Assistant Program (REAP) has student EA training at school.

3. Co-ed Volleyball season finished.  Tournament sponsored by City Centre held at MacNeill Secondary on Nov 15.  Great job team.

4. Pink Shirt Day – Feb 28/18.  Pink shirts orders have been received and will be placed before winter break.  Orders to be distributed closer to Pink Shirt Day.  Michael Bortolotto, who has cerebral palsy, will be a guest speaker that day.

5. International Students for Woodward will be arriving Jan/Feb 2018.

6. Dec 12:  Band Concert from 9:15-9:45am.

7. Dec 15: Pancake Breakfast and photos with Santa.  Volunteers to arrive at 8:30am to help serve.

8. Dec 15: Report cards to go home.

9. Dec 19: Winter concert at 6:30pm

10. Dec 22:  Last day of school before winter break.

PAC Chair Report:

Afterschool PAC meeting review to be moved to after January PAC meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:

Halloween Event had a net profit of $285.96.  M&Ms a success with preference to burger orders.  

Old Business: 

1. The White Hatter Speaker: Presentations went well.  Lots of useful information given to students and parents.

2. Fundraising:  Spring Fair – tentative date Apr 27, 2018

Previous years have had a lack of volunteers, current organizers have time constraints due to work commitments and would NEED volunteers to help with organizing (obtaining prize donations, raffle ticket prep, raffle money counting, sorting prizes for prize room, etc) as

well as approximately 40 volunteers on Spring Fair. Talks are continuing about whether to skip spring fair this year and organize for every other year or scale back or change to movie night.  Suggestion was made to have Gr 6/7 students help with primary games.

Pros:  Less volunteers needed

Cons: Lose prize contacts by skipping year

  Less PAC money available for future years.

An email will be sent to parents to give input about availability for volunteering or other comments before a decision will be made about continuing Spring Fair this school year. Replies to be received by Dec 6.

New Business:

1. Dec 11:  Clothing drive bags to be distributed to students.  Extra bags available at school office.

2. Dec 15: Pancake Breakfast.  School to pay.  Previously Mr. Ray taking photos.  Photographer this year TBA.  Only individual photos with Santa to be taken this year.

3. Dec 20: Teacher Appreciation Brunch

4. Dec 19: Basket Raffle after Winter Concert.  Teachers to choose theme and notices to go out to parents on Fri, Dec 1.  Collection will be ongoing until Dec 13.  Baskets to be assembled and displayed by Fri, Dec 15.

Open Floor

Why did newsletter have information on MacNeill Mini School and not Woodward catchment school, McNair?  Notices submitted to the school will be posted with newsletter.  At this time, only MacNeill has made a submission.

Meeting adjourned: 8:29pm

Next meeting: Monday January 29, 2018  6:30pm