PAC Meeting Minutes Jan 25, 2021


Date: Monday January 25, 2021 

Time: 6:30pm 

Location: Zoom Videoconference Call 



Brett C, Gina M, Bonnie T, Lori T, Pooja K, Lisa W, Rob E 


Meeting called to order at 6:34pm 

Principal’s Report 

Woodward Fun 

Winter Fun: Family Night via Zoom and Winter Concert was a success! 

Jesse Miller Digital Media sessions took place 

DARE has started for Grade 5 

Dance team continues to practice – Lunar New Year and Pink Shirt Day performances are coming 

Family Literacy Week: January 25 – 31, 2021 

Woodward’s 60th Anniversary is next year. Looking at how to celebrate 

Spirit Wear – 60th anniversary logo. Order before Spring Break and another order in the Fall 

Suggestions are welcome! 

Enrollment Review 

Enrollment is steady at 130 students. We are growing. Lots of inquiry for Kindergarten with approximately 14 more at this time 

Less than 10% of our students are participating in the Transitional Learning program. They are participating in our assemblies and class check ins 

Kindergarten registration is open – please share with friends and families 

Schedule reminders: 

Recess schedule: 10:00am Div. 3 & 4, 10:20am Div. 1 & 2, 10:40am Div. 5 & 6 

Lunch schedule: 11:30am – 12:30pm Div. 1, 2, 4, 12:40pm – 1:40pm Div. 3, 5, 6 

Thank you for the Notice of Intent to Return 

Surveys and Assessments: 

Learning Survey for Grades 4 and 7 – The survey covers a range of topics, providing a comprehensive picture of the educational experience in B.C. public schools. Questions were developed with input from partner groups, teachers and experts in educational measurement and specific education 

Middle Years Development Instrument (MDI) for Grade 5 – MDI is a self-report questionnaire completed by children and it asks them how they think and feel about their experiences both inside and outside of school. Questions are related to 5 areas of development that are strongly linked to well-being, health, and academic achievement 

FSAs for Grades 4 and 7 – FSAs are assessments of reading, comprehension, writing, and numeracy administered yearly since 1999 to all B.C. students in Grades 4 and 7. They are designed to assess cumulative learning over previous and current school years. They are carefully screened for cultural and other biases that could disadvantage any student or group of students. FSA results can be used by schools and districts as one piece of information to plan for improvement. The results are not used as marks or grade promotion purposes for individual students but can be used for discussion between teachers and parents. 

Health and Safety Update 

Reminder: Mandatory daily health check 

Families following protocols really well – Thank You 

Encourage children to wash their hands frequently and to play without touching 

Valentine’s Day – Paper valentines only. No treats allowed as per school district protocols 

Wet and Snowy Days – Thank you for your understanding and sending a change of clothes. Daytime custodian cleans and disinfects from 11:30am – 1:45pm while kids are outside playing 

Transitional Learning Update 

4 teachers providing school level support – Ms. KB, Ms. John, Ms. Sato, Ms. Fix 

Schedules changed in January 

Next return to school date is February 1, 2021, but can be adapted to meet student’s needs 


Ms. Dray is our band teacher this year. She will begin after Spring Break. 

More information will come about instruments in the winter 


Participating in CSL/Reporting project. 5 out of 6 classes participating 

Mid-year summative report will be on February 5, which is an online snapshot of learning. Encouraged to look at all the work done to this point 

Div. 5 report cards will be sent home in March 

Literacy and SEL 

Continuing our school focus on literacy intervention – helping struggling readers 

Creating learning environments that help students regulate 

School wide reading assessments completed this month and will begin to re-structure our literacy program to meet needs 

Safety Drills 

4 out of 6 fire drills complete and were a success 

Completed one earthquake drill, one lock down drill and one hold/secure 

District Pro-D Day – February 12 

Family Day – February 15 

Thank You for supporting our school. Woodward is a great place to learn, work and play because the community comes together to support each other 

Treasurer’s Report 

Financial reports for November and December were presented during the meeting 

December – we tried hot lunch and it was a success with no issues. 

$500 went to Christmas funds 

School gave back money to the PAC for field trips that weren’t used last year. 

We issued $750 to Outdoor Ed for Camp Jubilee to help support families with the fees. 

Old business 

Field Trip Subsidy – Field trips were cancelled last school year and most likely field trips will be limited this year. PAC agreed money that wasn’t used last year will be given back to PAC. School gave back to the PAC money for field trip that wasn’t used last year 

Dec Hot Lunch Review/Feedback 

Ordering was easy for Gina and collecting money was easy for Bonnie 

Brett met the delivery person and teachers found it easy to hand out because everything was boxed. 

No concerns brought forward. 

PAC agreed to hold another Hot Lunch. Considering last day of school before Spring Break, March 12 


Grad Updates 

Waiting for district direction. Doesn’t look like anything will change before summer so will probably be similar to last year grad. 

Last year: 

We followed what high school did. Got a gift from sign-in table. Graduates walked around the school with their families. Gym was decorated with castle theme. Students received certificate from Brett and took photos with Mr. Pooni. Different background photo drops were up. Slide show was put together by Mr. Pooni. 

Parents organized a separate event. Ordered pizza and met at Thomas Kidd outdoors. Gave each child a MacDonald’s gift card. Mr. Pooni also came out. 

New Business  

Spring Fair 

Focus on community engagement 


Consider something similar to Winter Family Night on Zoom with the use of breakout rooms and play games separately for primary and intermediate kids 

Outdoor movie theatre since we have a blow-up screen. However, it will be dependent on COVID-19 restrictions 

If you have any suggestions, please email PAC at 


Open floor (misc. items) 

Next PAC meeting – March 1, 2021 

Meeting Adjourned – 7:16pm