PAC Meeting Minutes Nov 30, 2020


Date: Monday November 30, 2020 

Time: 6:30pm 

Location: Zoom Videoconference Call 



Brett C, Gina M, Bonnie T, Lori T, Lisa W, Pooja K, Philip L, Mitali A, Rob E, Eric L, Catherine L 


Meeting called to order at 6:33pm 

Principal’s Report 

Thank you to the parents and PAC for always being so supportive. There has been a lot of positive feedback recently from TOC’s and the community about the welcoming place that Woodward is. 

Woodward Fun! 

VanGo with Arts Umbrella (Nov 30 – Dec 2). Bird inspired painting in the gym 

ROAR Assembly – Connections through Zoom 

Pop Up Pumpkin Patch – Thank you to PAC for donating the pumpkins 

Enrolment Review 

Enrolment is steady at 130 students 

15% of our students are participating in the Transitional Learning program. Participating in our assemblies and class check ins 

Kindergarten registration is open – please share with friends and families 

Schedule reminders: 

Recess schedule: 10:00am Div. 3 & 4, 10:20am Div. 1 & 2, 10:40am Div. 5 & 6 

Lunch schedule: 11:30am – 12:30pm Div. 2, 3, 4, 12:40pm – 1:40pm Div. 1, 5, 6 

Health and Safety Update 

Reminder: Mandatory daily health check 

Community following health declaration is one of the biggest ways to keep our community safe. Families following protocols really well – Thank you 

Encourage children to wash their hands frequently and to play without touching 

Daytime custodian provides enhanced cleaning throughout the day 

Review our protocols in weekly staff memos and at staff meetings. 

Revise protocols as necessary 

Transitional Learning Update 

4 teachers providing school level support – Ms. KB, Ms. John, Ms. Sato, Ms. Fix 

Webinars provided by the district and class check ins with our teachers 

Next return to school date is February 1st, 2021 


Ms. Dray is our band teacher this year. She will begin after Spring Break. 

More information will come about instruments in the winter 


Participating in CSL/Reporting project. 5 out of 6 classes participating 

This season focus will be windows into learning and a social responsibility/work habits reflection 

Mid-year summative report will be at the beginning of February 

Div. 5 report cards will be sent home on Dec. 11 

Literacy and SEL 

Continuing our school focus on literacy intervention – helping struggling readers 

Creating learning environments that help students regulate 

Safety Drills 

3 out of 6 fire drills complete and were a success 

Completed one earthquake drill and one lock down drill 

Winter Concert 

December 17 at 9:00 a.m. for in-school and transitional learners 

Link will be sent to parent community with a recording. Much like the Remembrance Day assembly 

Communication – Through weekly newsletters, Twitter, school website 

Lost and Found – Table will be set up at the front of the school for parents to safely view at drop off/pick up 

Thank You Cards – Surprise for teachers. Would be great if kids can send thank you cards. Start sending them in with students on Dec. 7 

PAC Winter Activity – If PAC would like to have a school-wide Holiday Zoom Event/Activities (e.g. scavenger hunt), Brett would be happy to help out 

Last day of school – December 18 

First day of school in 2021 – January 4 

Grad camping year is next year for grades 6 & 7. Hoping to confirm later in the year if we can book or not. Bonnie confirmed PAC usually donates each year for the grad camp and PAC agreed to pay so that the money is there if it does proceed. 

Treasurer’s Report 

Financial reports for October were presented during the meeting 

BC Gaming grant got approved 

PAC paid for agendas, 2019/2020 McNair Scholarship and pumpkins for Halloween 

Old business 

Field Trip Subsidy – Field trips were cancelled last school year and most likely field trips will be limited this year. PAC agreed money that wasn’t used last year will be given back to PAC. Brett will action. 

Band Instrument Repairs – Bonnie confirmed PAC gave $300 last year. PAC agreed to give $300 towards repairs this year. 

Christmas baskets – Will not proceed with baskets this year. 

New Business  

Annual Christmas Families Donation – PAC agreed to donate $500 this year. 

Teacher Appreciation Brunch – Typically happens in December, but PAC agreed to postpone for now and revisit in Spring. 

Hot Lunch – Food orders must be individually wrapped and organized by division. All district health and safety guidelines must be followed during delivery. Gina will look into possible vendors and logistics. 

Open floor (misc. items) 

Graduation Activities – Question came up as to what graduation plans will be. Brett indicated that the district graduation plan hasn’t come out yet. When information is made available, PAC will discuss further. 

Next meeting is January 25, 2021 

Meeting Adjourned – 7:10pm