PAC Meeting Minutes Oct 5, 2020


Date: Monday October 5, 2020 

Time: 7:00pm 

Location: Zoom Videoconference Call 



Brett C, Gina M, Bonnie T, Lori T, Pooja K, Cindy K, Dayna M, Mitali A, Arlene C 


Meeting called to order at 7:03pm 

Welcome & introductions 

Principal’s Report 

Start of the year recap: 

Enrollment is up to 130 students with 80% of students returned 

Classes decluttered and cleaned out 

Health and safety COVID-19 measures include: 

New mandatory daily health check 

Encouraging students to wash their hands frequently and to play without touching 

Line up at outside doors. If late, for school go to front door 

Cohorts organized by grade level. Staggered recess schedule (10:00am Div 3, 4, 10:20am Div 1, 2, 10:40am Div 5, 6) and lunch schedule (11:30am – 12:30pm Div 2, 3, 4, 12:40pm – 1:40pm Div 1, 5, 6) 

Outside days 

Lots of students choosing to wear masks 

Families following protocols really well 


Staffing updates – Goodbye Mr. Hamaura and welcome Ms. John, Ms. Fix and Ms. Dockeley 

Transitional Learning Update 

4 teachers providing school level support – Ms. KB, Ms. John, Ms. Sato, Ms. Fix 

Consists of a series of grade level webinars from the district – direct teaching and learning activities 

Check ins and support from our school staff 

Return to School notice sent out last week and is due by 4pm, Oct. 6 

Students return to Woodward on Oct. 13 – will keep classes and cohorts the same 

Band – Hoping to have winter schedule shortly 

Dance Club – Ms. John is offering an after school, physically distanced Dance Club for grade 5, 6, 7 students 

Meet the Staff – Thank you for your attendance 

Terry Fox – Great run in the cohorts. Raised over $250 which is more than last year 

Orange Shirt Day – Success in the classrooms with activities. Sea of orange on the playground 

2020-2021 Reporting – 5/6 classes will be participating in Communicating Student Learning (CSL)/Reporting project 

Provincial Election – Polling site on Oct. 24. Students will be participating in StudentVote again 

Literacy and SEL 

Continuing our school focus on literacy intervention 

Creating learning environments that help students regulate 

Safety Drills 

1/6 fire drills completed – success 

Oct. 15 is our ShakeOutBC earthquake drill 

Parent/Teacher Conferences – Scheduled for Oct. 21/22 via Zoom. Early dismissal at 1:45pm  

Agendas and staff planners – Distributed. Thank you again to PAC 

Thank you for supporting our school. Successful start because the community came together to support each other 


Treasurer’s Report 

Financial reports presented during the meeting 

Fundraising opportunities will be limited this year 

Field Trip Subsidy – Field trips were cancelled last school year and most likely field trips will be limited this year. Need to discuss further what to do with the money that wasn’t used last school year. 

Band Instrument Repairs – Need to discuss further whether or not to proceed with repairs this year. 

Old business 

No old business 

New Business  

Volunteer opportunities will be limited this year. If there are school activities that come up, Brett will let PAC know 

Christmas baskets – Will discuss further if we will do this year (e.g. display baskets and purchase tickets online). If so, Bonnie would need to apply for license. 

Open floor (misc. items) 

No new items 

Meeting Adjourned – 7:31pm