2019-2020 Starts With a Shift

Our new, 2019-2020, school year opened with a strong inquiry focus. Students from kindergarten to grade seven explored their ideas in a wide variety of ways. Some examples of inquiry this year include:

  • exploring inquiry questions and inquiry statements about brussels sprout plants.
  • exploring inquiry in design principles in creating marble runs
  • experiments in the states of matter.
  • inquiring about creating and programming STEM machines
  • exploring the density of liquids and solids in Chemistry.

In each corner of our school at almost any given time, students are inquiring about the world around them and are using vocabulary that supports inquiry. Our staff and students are incorporating inquiry frameworks into their lessons and learning on a regular basis at Woodward.

We appreciate the time and dedication our staff and students have committed to inquiry-based learning. We also look forward to seeing how inquiry will continue to be woven through the learning at Woodward.

At a recent staff meeting, our teachers and staff engaged in discussion about changing our focus and finding a common theme for our school story. The re-scanning phase and asking new questions about our learners is reinvigorating and we look forward to this exploration.

Updated: Thursday, October 28, 2021