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Parent Advisory Council

The Daniel Woodward Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is an open association of all parents at the school. The PAC is dedicated to promoting school and community spirit and providing parents with the opportunity to have an impact on their children's education. 

What is the PAC? The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is the officially recognized collective of parents at Woodward. It is a forum to discuss matters affecting education and the entire school community. The key priorities of the PAC are as follows:

  • provide connections and opportunities to educate and inform parents
  • involve parents in volunteer activities
  • organize, lead and support activities for students and provide financial support to the school for various initiatives. 

Who is a PAC member? All parents and guardians of children who attend Woodward Elementary School are members of the Woodward PAC. We can all contribute to creating a rich and fulfilling school experience for our children.

How does the Woodward PAC support students? By providing funding and volunteers for many initiatives that enrich our students’ school experience. These activities organized by the PAC include hot lunch days, field trips, dance/art programs, student workshops, holiday events, Spring fair and educational supplements requested by teachers.

PAC meetings: For more information about our PAC and supporting our school community, please come to a PAC meeting (last Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m.) or email

2023-24 PAC Executive Members

Chair:                   Gina Mahil

Treasurer:             Lori Takenaka

Secretary:             Rav Reel

Information and news from our Parent Advisory Council is most commonly found in our weekly school newsletter.